Friday, 16 April 2010

55-Friday Flash Fiction #4

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frog dog

 It wasn’t that he was dressed in green that stuck in yor gullet. We’d seen city folks before and their nose in the air ways. Why, one  came who’d only eat vegetables – raw and fresh out of the dirt. Not meat you’ve shot by hand. No, what stuck were his dog dressed to match.

Random Word: Cap-a-pie


  1. haha. fun 55...and i know a few people like that...

    my 55 is up!

  2. Yes, they definitely exist. Funny.

  3. That was a fun read! very well executed!

  4. your humor rocks!
    thank you for the kind visit in my blog,
    Happy Friday!

  5. We had some city cousins like that. Walked them around the barnyard in their bare feet. Nothing better than fresh meat off your own land from where you know what they've been eating and entertain the appreciation of life.
    I've always thought it silly when people dress up their dogs. It's as bad as fake geese in dresses and pinafores.

  6. I was a city girl, but I loved the farm my mother grew up on. I think I used to have my nose in the 'air way', but my alcoholism was a great leveler and it cut me down to my proper size, place, and got my nose situated where it was supposed to be. :)

    Very cute 55.


  7. It's a dog day for 55's. My 55 iss HERE .

  8. Nicely done! We live in the city and I've met a few like that too!

  9. Very cute, indeed.
    Happy Friday!
    Mine is here
    Have you a great weekend!

  10. My ma used to say, "You get yer nose so far in the air yer riskin' a drownin'."

    Sounds like this guy was a candidate.

    Good one!

  11. Well I've certainly seen people that 'look' like their dogs! LOL

  12. he he he poor things... what they have to bear!
    Cute one!


  13. You made me laugh! Poor ol' puppy dog! I know these types. They wear lipsticks and heels to picnics....

  14. LOL...this was too funny. I like that. I've seen many a dog that looks like his/her owner and dress alike. Too much but so cute to look at. Very well done. Have a wonderful weekend :)

  15. you got a giggle out of me with this 55, real nice! there is something so innocent in your words, maybe it's just the childlike eyes you see out of??

    thanks so much for the comment and the big boquet of flowers that came with them :) you made my day!

  16. Yeah, them city slickers really stick out, don't they?

  17. Thats just sad!
    But it does make for a whimsical 55!
    Thank you for the smile My Friend.
    I really appreciate your support today as well...You Rock!
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  18. Oh, that's good :) And yep, seen people like that too. Love the photo, at first glance really looked like the dog was on a lily in a pond.

  19. sweet fancy moses! the indignity!

  20. No wonder some dogs turn vicious. This would just be the last straw for me, before I bit the hell out of someone.

  21. poor dogs, people do not realize how sick it is to dress them like dolls, they might as well be cats when you do that to them!! great55

  22. My dogs would chomp me in half if I dressed them up like that. And rightly so!

    Still, the photo is funny. ;)

  23. What a fun 55. I can't imagine dressing up a dog but I've seen many that are - and they, curiously, look just like their owners!

  24. Funny, and what a cute dog!

    My 55 is up here.


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  26. Aww, I don't like it when ppl dress up their doggies but it's probably safer if they want to be dressed the same...don't want naked, dog owners walking around.

  27. Nice punch at the end. Great short story in 55 words, Have a good rest of the week.
    Raining here, which we need.


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