Friday, 9 April 2010

55-Friday Flash Fiction #3

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Being a clown‘So when did you begin— ’
‘Whenever I were home early, I found him looking all hot and innocent. Well I thought fancy woman, you know, the make-up and things but he weren’t.’
‘Were he one of those tranvest…whatchamacallits.’
'I bloody wish, we’ll lose the house, he’s giving up decent work to become a…clown.'

Random Word: An Inkling

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  1. An excellent piece with the word limitation and all…very taut and makes one reach their own conclusions…nice

  2. I love "tranvest…whatchamacallits." very well done my friend. I didn't see clown coming. Excellent Have a wonderful Friday :)

  3. Ah, the decisions we make.
    Quite an edge to this one, too.

  4. Very clever. :) I gave up a decent job to become a... high school teacher...! What was I thinking?! ;) But I am loving it! (And some people would probably say teaching is, in fact, a decent job...!)
    Nice 55. Well done.
    Love/ Jo.

  5. a clown is not a bad profession at least you make people laugh. smils. nice 55.

    mine is up!

  6. "Send in the clowns" long as they're not the Stephen King type.

    Here is my Flash 55 for the week. [scroll down below my Show n Tell feature]

    Have a wonderful Friday.

  7. What a fun and interesting 55! And I'm with Anni... just the nice ones please.

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  9. Just came by to find you clowning around....

  10. Clowns have always given me the creeps. The painted smile, and all. Great juxtaposition.

    Happy Friday!
    Mine is up.

  11. very clever 55, thanks for stopping by have a wonderful day

  12. and one wonders which choice would be considered more shameful. ah, but we all have dreams. don't we?

  13. Really so sweet.
    To be a clown, what a huge step!

    Happy Friday!


  14. He's lucky to go professional, I've been a clown all my life family tells me; at the same time the next line out of their mouths, is your not funny.

    I'm confused!

    Good job

  15. A clown! That's gotta be more fun than the "decent work." Good one.

  16. A Tranny-Clown?
    How would we know eh?
    Just kidding, Excellent 55 John.
    Thanks for this fine contribution, thanks for visiting, and please have a Kick-Ass Week-End...G

  17. But to do what makes him happy?

    Love that it makes one think.


  18. this is fabulous! I wish I was a clown, well funny at least!
    Thanks for visiting my site, I look forward to more of your writing.

  19. fun,
    beautiful done!

  20. @ Jana I use the ABDCE method
    @ Throm yes bit nice clowns!
    @ anthonynorth yes we regret the ones we did't make
    @ järnebrand but are you happy!
    @ Brian Miller yep, but will it put food on the table?
    @ Hootin' Anni no he will be a good clown...for now
    @ Felicitas maniac laugh, of course
    @ PattiKen true
    @ Enchanted Oak bom bom!
    @ Yvonne Osborne I was bullied by one at a theatre once
    @ clean and crazy I bet you say that to all the boys
    @ lime be a banker?
    @ Sh@KiR@ CK one big foot for...
    @ Alice Audrey keep them guessing!

  21. A very cute flash 55...I think I like that kind of job!

  22. Ha! This was really cute. Some people are afraid of clowns, but they make me laugh.

  23. Who says being a clown isn't decent work?

  24. So will they laugh all the way to the bank? :)

    Nicely the photo!

  25. Now ya clowning around right?

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