Wednesday, 10 February 2010

American Indians

Random Story Image Random word: Charity

Even blindfolded, the strangeness of the lips should have told him but he had got over that bakwas years ago. He liked musicals but was no friend of Dorothy yet this made him into such a champak.
       ‘Bhai ease up’, his sister laughed, ‘we’ll get more for charity this way.’


  1. This was wonderful. I had to look up three words (which is ok by me) and was successful with the first and third but the second I don't I got right.

    A tree?

    Purdie Pyrate

  2. No its this
    Posted in Indian Slang on 05 28th, 2008
    Origin: Indian Slang
    Definition: idiot
    Example: Raju can’t even arrange for tickets. He is a complete champak.


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