Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Love as the seasons

By the song love was fresh
with smile’s perfumed flowers.
Yesterday’s gold.

Now love is tied to gold
and only neglect fresh.
Life is grey flowers.

But Spring dies and yet flowers
as does Mammon’s gold.
Our song will sing fresh.

So love when made fresh
make flowers as gold.

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  1. Tritina

    Modeled from the Sestina, there is no rhyme scheme, instead it comprises of three stanzas using the same three words in a Sestina like pattern, and a final line which uses the three words in the starting sequence:

    A.. B.. C...
    C.. A.. B...
    B.. C.. A...

    The meter is not specified but in this case each stanza was based on 17 syllables rather then metre


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