Sunday, 3 August 2008


Holiday may start Friday,
if the Sun flickers.

Camping for the faint hearted.

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  1. Always struggled with the nature Haiku but in seeing that a Senryu can draw from these approaches, I am getting this form more

    1. Reflections/Observations of fickle or unusual or hypocritical or silliness of human behaviour

    the famine hand-out queue
    nobody asks
    " traces of peanuts?"

    2. Word Play – using words in an unusual [and perhaps technically incorrect] way or using a circumstance in an usual way

    Garden Society lady,
    half a century ago
    maybe a blushing rose

    3. Slapstick Humour Derived from Human Behaviour [Chaplinesque Humour] or strange situations

    wishing well
    a beggar falls over
    reaching for quarters

    4. Uncharacteristic Behaviour of particular groups

    psychiatrists' dinner
    they all dance wildly with
    the belly dancers

    5. Inventive or Creative Fantasy or Clever Juxtaposition
    another sake --

    the cranes on the porcelain
    start to fly

    6. Reflections on Nature/Animals in the Issa mode

    first gnats, as if
    they don't have enough company
    join me on my walk


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