Friday, 10 January 2014

A family reunited...

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Early morning chat was shattered with, ‘You're eatin my babies.’ 

McChickadees went very quiet, a six-foot talking Rhode Island Red kinda makes you slow-witted. But Tom was a rookie prankster. He forgot the CCTV and that truck drivers with hangovers and no coffee ain't messed with. 

What they did next with the eggs went viral.


  1. Ha! Gave me a smile. Glad our Isa Browns don't talk.

  2. This hits a bit close to home after having a chicken living in my kitchen for the last three days.

  3. This post almost makes me feel guilty
    for craving an omelate about now
    Brother, your creativity knows no bounds
    Loved your zygote 55
    Thanks for playing
    Have a Kick Ass Week End

  4. Hahaha - sunny side up? Very funny John. :o)

  5. Soft scrambled for me - the chicken prankster is lucky if he didn't end up on a plate for lunch!


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