Friday, 20 August 2010

Do not go gently into the night

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I watched him wake up - the anger in the cover thrown back, and the stabbing hand trying to find spectacles - before he even spoke.

‘You again?’

‘Your family are waiting for you.‘

‘Baloney, they’re a bunch of losers.’

I rested my scythe on the bed and sat down. The morning ritual had begun.

 Random word: awake

Do not go gently into the night


  1. not easy if this is the morning ritual…glad you can look at it in such an optimistic way..nice 55

  2. old man death come calling...
    made to wait...nice 55.

  3. At first I thought it was the nurse speaking.

    (Whoops! Maybe it was?)

    Nifty five-fifty!

  4. I rested my scythe on the bed and sat down. The morning ritual had begun.

    Sounds like tough days ahead... a great 55 though.

  5. Never mess with senior citizens; they develop spunk and a titanium backbone when they hit 80! :)

  6. I like the vision this conjures up.

  7. Creepy. I like the bit of compassion shown by the Grim reaper when he lays down his scythe and sits down. Well done 55.

  8. Wonderfully capturing the journey of all too familiar forgotten. I loved that the reaper laid down his scythe.

    Mine's (55) Fifteen is far too young . . .

  9. Brother...
    This was my favorite thing that you have written.
    Simple, yet very complex.
    Excellent 55 John.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  10. I agree, old people do not go so gently in the night. Reaper beware!

  11. Sounds like the Reaper will have to wait a long time for this character.

    Mine’s here.

  12. Sorry not to get back to many people this week. My internet access is at pioneer level this week for various complicated family reasons. The story is rooted in my staying with my in-laws, he is confused from a stroke and she is severely senile(woke us up at 4am as a strange man in her bed - her husband of 60+ years)


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